Shoot the light out

BANG! A simple but dramatic way to remotely
turn on/off the light animates our daily routines
with a little childhood fun.

Beyond perfection, beyond imagination.

Set aside what makes BANG! a great hit—the shoot-off mechanism—BANG! itself is a well-made designer table lamp. The simplistic white colored lamp cover is joined with a streamlined curve connecting the neck and the base.

Pull the trigger, knock over the lamp.

Pull the trigger to initiate the hinge installed inside of the lamp cover to rotate.
As the lamp cover “gets shot”, it “falls” to the side and the light turns off immediately.
You will be amazed at its instant respond to your action.

Feels like a real gun!

It feels like a real gun in your hand. Feel the slight pressure
as you pull the trigger…BANG!. This is when the fun begins.

Your instinct tells you all!

Pick up the gun and let your instinct take over. The shooting
range is 300 degree wide and 15 meters far.