More Capability to Create

Two new premium add-on lenses and a professional filter to upgrade your creative arsenal. It’s a whole new world of possibilities waiting to be unlocked.

Better Than Ever

Both HD lenses deliver improved imaging performance and advanced build quality compared with previous editions. The precise lens construction with Multi-Layer Anti-Reflective Coating produces beautifully crisp results with minimized edge distortion. And the lens and lens-hood are forged into a single piece with reinforced metal body, for better strength and integrity along with a smooth new look.

(*Left: Taken by iPhone only / Right: Taken by iPhone with Premium HD Wide Angle Lens)

Go 2 x Wider

With twice as much width as iPhone, there’s twice as much context for compositionsmaking the 18mm HD Wide Angle Lens the everyday go-to lens for landscapes, travel, architecture and group shots.

(*Taken by Premium HD Telephoto Lens)

Up Close and Personal with 4 x Magnification

Master the art of the portrait with the 70mm HD Telephoto Lens’ natural depth of field andtogether with iPhone’s cameraseffective optical zoom (up to 4 x). The lens is equally outstanding capturing intimate details in nature or travel scenes, avoiding pixelation from digital zoom.

(*Taken by Premium HD Wide Angle Lens + M52 CPL Filter)

M52 CPL Filter

A brand-new bitplay M52 CPL filter with custom-adapter designed to work perfectly with the new HD lenses. Used by professionals, CPL filters can create jaw-dropping scenes with results often described as magical. By filtering out scattered light, CPL filters reduce haze, increase color saturation and clarity, and cut reflections from wet or metallic surfaces. And now you can do it with iPhone.

(*Taken by Premium HD Telephoto Lens)

Creating Unforgettable

Capture special moments and create unforgettable memories and experiences with your every day, most-used camera and bitplay HD Lensesincredible and versatile mobile photography tools for explorers, wanderers and adventurers.

Premium HD Wide Angle Lens / Premium HD Telephoto Lens / CPL Filter

bitplay designs with passion and aims to give you the best mobile photography experience.

Technical Specification

Product name Premium HD Wide Angle Lens
LENS Magnification 0.604X
Minimum focus distance 15mm
Angle of View – Horizontal 89.7°
Angle of View – Diagonal 102.9°
Lens Construction 6 elements in 6 groups
Dimensions 44mm (Ø) x 25.7 mm (H)
Weight 36 g
Package dimensions 24.7 x 8 x 6.2 cm
Package contents HD Wide Angle Lens x 1, Lens Cap x 2, Lens Bag x 1
Product name Premium HD Telephoto Lens
LENS Magnification 2X
Minimum focus distance 240mm
Angle of View – Horizontal 32.3°
Angle of View – Diagonal 39.8°
Lens Construction 5 elements in 4 groups
Dimensions 44mm (Ø) x 31.1 mm (H)
Weight 53 g
Package dimensions 24.7 x 8 x 6.2 cm
Package contents HD Wide Angle Lens x 1, Lens Cap x 2, Lens Bag x 1
Product name M52 CPL (for Premium HD Lens Series only)
Threads M52mm
Dimension 55mm (Ø) x 5.5 mm (H)
Weight 15.8g (lens only)
CPL Adaptor (included)
Dimensions(H) 55mm (Ø) x 11.5 mm
Weight 24.4g