Smart, Streamlined and Simple

Going abroad, going to work, or going out for a walk? Each stop on a journey requires a different series of preparations. With the belief that simplicity is invaluable, bitplay’s new Daypack Series bags promise simplicity, durability and style all in one. Daypack is a refined series of compartmental bags designed to work and be carried together, independently, or apart. Daypack is a solid trifecta of organization, protection, and style for your belongings.

Modular Attachment

The bitplay Daypack Series was developed with maximum personalization in mind. A modular attachment system allows you to attach, detach, or mix and match modular accessories on your Daypack. We've incorporated a heavy-duty nylon webbing to keep the pieces secure. You can make additional custom storage arrangements, keep a classic minimalist design, or use the modular bags individually for a light carry. Take the essentials with you, not the excess.

Easy Access

A lot of chaos can ensue when rummaging through your belongings. Living in a transit heavy area means digging for your wallet at the last minute while boarding a bus or train at rush hours. It's both organization, and ergonomics that shape bitplay's decision-making for the Daypack design process.
Making the items you carry even more accessible, is the ideal next step in backpack design. And, with the Daypack you can access your items from either the top or the side, for ease of use when carried on a shoulder. And the two properly-sized front pockets are also designed for smart-opening. It's perfect for keeping mobile photography gear on standby. There are also magnetic front pockets on the shoulder bag that can be flipped open with one-hand; a quick draw for when your other hand is busy lining up the next shot.

Adjustable Capacity

The daypack features adjustable side-belts and a waterproof, roll-out inner at the top that extends its capacity.
The side-belts can be tightened, adjusting the shape to maintain a lean aesthetic when the bag isn't packed fully.
The top buckle releases the roll-out extension when needed, and the extension itself is waterproof, creating an extra four liters of capacity (increasing to 24 liters), or it can simply be used for waterproof protection alone. Regardless of the amount, you can keep your bag slim, lean and refined.

Pockets and Slots

We understand the struggle of fumbling around for items inside your bag. The bitplay Daypack Series keeps your items organized effortlessly with a series of pouches and slots for every item possible.

Laptop Compartment

The daypack alone features 9 different compartments to accommodate all the usual objects, keeping everything ordered, snug, and easy to grab. The laptop compartment holds up to 15 inches with a padded inner layer.

Ready For Long Days

Both the back panel of the daypack and the inner-side of its straps utilize a dual-layer construction to maximize comfort. The exterior is a breathable mesh fabric, while the inside is a deep-comfort foam buffer. And even the strap curvature has been optimized for the most natural fit possible. For long days or tiring journeys with a heavy pack, you won't find a more comfortable carry.


To be optimized for urban adventures, durability is a must. Daypack Series is built from a military-grade lightweight nylon: the ultra high-strength and wear-resistant CORDURA® 1000D.
Being a step up from commercial-level 500D usually found in mainstream backpacks, and brings increased benefits in terms of abrasion and tear resistance, water repellence, ease of cleaning, and resistance to discoloration.
Daypack Series delivers the finest quality you can get, and the Daypack altogether weighs only 660 grams.

The Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag can easily and securely be attached to the daypack for additional, custom storage arrangements. It's easily removable and thoughtfully designed as the minimalist carry solution. The magnetic front pockets on the shoulder bag can be flipped open, one-handed.

The Pouch

The pouch stores your daily essentials like wallet and keys while also fitting photographic gear and add-on lenses. The inner mesh slot is great for storing your plus sized iPhone without removing the case. The pouch offers effortless organization.

Product Specification

  1. Product name|biyplay Daypack Series – Daypack and Pouch
  2. Capacity|17-24 liters (±10%)
  3. Size|Large (Daypack), small (Pouch)
  4. Weight|Large 660g (±10%), small 124g (±10%)
  5. Material|CORDURA® 1000D
  6. Color|Dark Navy (*The actual color of the bag is based on the real product.)
  7. Package contents|Daypack x1, Pouch x1

Designed and made in Taiwan

Product Specification

  1. Product name|biyplay Daypack Series – Shoulder Bag
  2. Dimensions|22 x 17 x 8 cm
  3. Weight|258g (±10%)
  4. Material|CORDURA® 1000D
  5. Color|Dark Navy (*The actual color of the bag is based on the real product.)
  6. Package contents|Shoulder Bag x1

Designed and made in Taiwan

Product Specification

  1. Product name|biyplay Daypack Series – Pouch
  2. Dimensions|10 x 18 x 4 cm
  3. Weight|124g (±10%)
  4. Material|CORDURA® 1000D
  5. Color|Dark Navy (*The actual color of the bag is based on the real product.)
  6. Package contents|Pouch x1

Designed and made in Taiwan


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