Magnify the microcosm; Discover beauty in life’s minutiae

The brand new Premium HD Macro Lens’ 3X magnification offers more than just a new visual perspective on life; it is our introduction to a microscopic universe! When discovering the beauty of life’s minutiae, the HD Macro Lens captures all the little details in vivid, crisp images, unobservable by the naked eye.

Emphasize Subject

The HD Macro Lens' 3X magnification is the ideal lens for observing insect ecology and capturing extreme fine details of still life objects. The macro effect creates greater depth of field in any background and makes your shot's subject to pop with an almost animated richness.

Sharper Imagery

Users of the HD Macro Lenses have described their work produced as ``sharp, distortion-less. and beautiful.`` This is made possible thanks to our aspheric lens, designed to function just like the most professional DSLR lenses. With multiple AR coatings, and a specially designed structure, together the arrangement allows this lens to significantly reduce light reflection for crisper more vivid images.

Ultra strength

The main body of our lens is made from a piece of high strength aluminum, using an integrated cutting technique unique in our manufacturing process. The result: a finely crafted, ultra-strength unibody casing. The outer surface has also been given special treatment for enhanced scratch resistance.
In addition, the lens cap is made from strengthened silicon for easy installation and thorough protection.

Removable Hood

Lighting is paramount in macrophotography to create a focused image. We have made the hood of the Premium HD Macro Lens translucent, in order to allow more light on the subject for better image quality. The translucent hood is made to be the optimal focusing distance between the lens and your subject, simply use it as a guide to snap the perfect picture. This light-weight hood is also detachable, bringing practicality to every shot in any situation.

Product Specification

  1. Product name|Premium HD Macro Lens
  2. LENS Magnification|3X
  3. Minimum focus distance|15mm
  4. Angle of View|53°
  5. Lens Construction|2 elements in 2 groups
  6. Dimensions|43.5mm (Ø) x 28.5 mm (H)
  7. Weight|20 g
  8. Package dimensions|10.5 x 10.5 x 4.2 cm
  9. Package contents|HD Macro Lens x 1, Lens Cap x 2, Lens Bag x 1


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